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Program Coordinator

Teri Yaeger
101 W. 8th Ave.
Spokane, WA 99204
P (509) 474-3237
F (509) 626-9917

Residency Blog

The program maintains its own residency blog which is password protected. The blog is an electronic bulletin board for the residents. It includes program news, conference schedules, on call schedules, manuals, Yale monographs from AM clinic teaching, citations from conferences, journal club articles and much more.

UW Health Sciences Library

IMRS is an affiliated residency program of the University Of Washington School Of Medicine and, thus, we have access to the school’s online medical information resources.

Resources available include

  • Up-To-Date and Dynamed
  • Textbooks
  • Full text journals
  • Many others

Electronic Health Records

SHMC and the clinic both use EPIC. You will receive specific training so that you can quickly become competent in using this EHR.


The program will be using New Innovations. Your evaluations will be generated using the ABIM milestones. This program also manages duty hour logs, procedure logs and has a portfolio for you to house conferences that you have prepared.