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Teri Yaeger
101 W. 8th Ave.
Spokane, WA 99204
P (509) 474-3237
F (509) 626-9917

Residency Blog

The program maintains its own residency blog which is password protected. The blog is an electronic bulletin board for the residents. It includes program news, conference schedules, on call schedules, manuals, Yale monographs from AM clinic teaching, citations from conferences, journal club articles and much more.

Group Social Activities

Descriptions contributed by Wes Pidcock, class of 2017 (with contributions from Jess and Nate Eilert)

Annual Welcome Party

One evening during orientation, all residents and their families and faculty enjoy getting to know each other at the welcome party. Generally held outdoors (weather permitting), this gathering encourages families to interact and socialize in addition to the residents. We hold our own White Coat Ceremony where families can participate.

Holiday Party

The Holiday party is great fun and open to residents and their spouses/SO and faculty. We enjoy fellowship, great food and a wild White Elephant gift exchange.

Resident Ski Day

Three resident cohorts enjoy one “ski day” each. The cohort is a mix of each class who have fun together in an activity of their choosing. Skiing is popular but bowling, escape rooms, water parks and movies/dinner are other popular choices.

Trivia Night

Our regular trivia night downtown is a fun way for residents to get together outside of the hospital and unwind from the work week. We have been going since I was an intern, and I always look forward to it. Each week is a chance to show off an odd bit of knowledge and work together as a team.

Additional Academic Benefits

  • Membership with the ACP (American College of Physicians) which allows you DynaMed access
  • MKSAP for each R2. Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) includes summaries of pathology but also question sections based on organ systems. The questions are often written by the same professors who write the ABIM board questions. This allows you to test your knowledge and then review when reading the answers.
  • ABIM exam reimbursement for those sitting for the boards the year they graduate.
  • Additional lab coat for your R3 year.
  • Program-sponsored board review dinners.

Medical Community

Medical Education in Spokane has a long history.

For more than two decades, Spokane has served as a teaching site for 3rd and 4th year University of Washington students. They are an integral part of our inpatient ward teams, clinic and ICU as they rotate for their 12- week clerkship in their M3 year. We train students year round and benefit from the many opportunities for our residents to teach students.

Since 2008, the UW began having first year medical students trained in Spokane, a practice that continues today. Washington State University Spokane also will begin training medical students in Spokane, starting with its first class in the fall 2017.

Pacific Northwest University in Yakima also has been training osteopathic physicians since 2008. Providence Sacred Heart in Spokane is a training site for some of the 3rd and 4th year students.

In addition to medical students, you also may have the opportunity to work around students in pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and the physician assistant program.

Spokane County Medical Society

IMRS residents are welcome to attend the many SCMS functions that foster collegiality for Spokane physicians.