All of us with the Psychiatry Residency Program Spokane are excited about your interest in rotating at our program as a sub-intern. Below you’ll find pertinent information about the Spokane area, rotations available here, how to apply, etc. 

Clinical Opportunities

Inpatient Psychiatry: The residency program manages six teaching beds as part of a busy 42 bed locked psychiatric unit.  We treat patients with a truly remarkable mix of presentations and complexity, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, catatonia, cognitive disorders, and medically-induced psychopathology. The level of acuity is quite high at times, with about 1/3 to ½ of the team on an involuntary hold at any given time, and not-infrequent ECT cases. We have great support from nurses, social work, psychology, and other support staff, and love to have sub-I’s join the team.

Consult Psychiatry: The Adult Psychiatry Consultation Teaching Service provides psychiatric services for a broad range of patients with psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders in the context of medical, surgical, and obstetric (and other) inpatient settings at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. Our service offers an opportunity to see the intersection of psychiatric conditions with medical illness. Commonly treated conditions include delirium, dementia, depression, anxiety, suicide attempts, substance withdrawal, conversion disorder, somatic symptom disorder, and factitious disorder. Regardless of the diagnosis, we also help with agitation management and capacity evaluation. The sub-intern will work alongside a psychiatry resident and become an integral part of the team with direct supervision by a faculty psychiatrist.

Mixture of Consult and Inpatient:  We can arrange for any combination of the above two opportunities, usually broken down into weekly blocks. Contact us and let us know.

Integrative (or Collaborative Care):  The Spokane Teaching Health Clinic is a major site for integrative care, with multiple care coordinators and multiple psychiatrists practicing this form of mental health care. This is an unusual and exciting opportunity to learn about a health care delivery system that will likely become quite prominent over the upcoming years. Although we cannot offer a full rotation in integrative care, opportunities to work integrative care time into a consult, inpatient, or mixed sub-I are available if you are interested.


AM: Inpatient or Consult work
PM: Inpatient or Consult work


AM: Inpatient or Consult work
PM: 2-5: Medical Student Didactics (optional)


AM: Inpatient or Consult work; 11-12: Didactics with R2 on outpatient at STHC
PM: Inpatient or Consult work


AM: Inpatient or Consult work
PM: Didactics with Residents


AM: Inpatient or Consult work; 11am Journal club
PM: Inpatient or Consult work

Requirements to Apply

  • In the process to apply for a sub-internship with our program, we ask that all applicants have the following:
  • A letter of good standing from your medical school
  • Any STEP or COMLEX scores (you must have taken one of these examinations to participate in a sub-I here)
  • Intention to apply to psychiatry residency through our program (unfortunately, we have too few sub-intern spots available to assign them to people not interested in our residency)
  • Existing ties to the West, preferably the Pacific Northwest
  • At least three dates during which you could work here
  • Your preferences about what clinical experience you would prefer; we currently offer:
    • 4 weeks Consult/Liaison or
    • 2 weeks C/L and 2 weeks Inpatient
    • Any interest in integrative care opportunities

How to Apply and What to Expect

The application process is handled by our program coordinator, Linda Barkley.  You can email her at, and we encourage you to do so as soon as you know you are interested. She’ll coordinate with you to ensure all your documentation is in order (the documents noted above as well as more mundane things like background checks, immunization records, etc.), and talk to the clinical faculty to set up the rotations that you are interested in. 

We will respond to all requests for a sub-I on April 1st (or the first Monday thereafter) after reviewing applications.  After that time, any remaining dates are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If your school requires you to schedule your sub-I’s prior to April 1st, please email this information to Linda Barkley with your application. 

Housing: There are many rental properties and sublets available in the Spokane area, which we encourage you to explore. If these are not a good fit, we also offer free dormitory-style housing near the Sacred Heart Hospital to visiting students. Please contact Linda Barkley for details.